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retarded pee

hey howdy.
i just cleaned my house...that was good times. hmm...OH my boyfriend painted a skull and crossbones on the back of his 2 tone green '59 oldsmobile. its pretty rad lookin. all the old people look at us thinking "oh look at that cute couple, they dress like there in the 50's..." then they see the skull and crossbones and get sorta freaked out. its great!!!
haha today on our way home from school.....i looked out the window...and a "retarded" kid pulled his pants down TO HIS KNEES and was peeing...then reached around and scratched his little downsyndrom butt. it was hilarious. and his gaurdian was standong right there just watching him pee..i wanted to die...everyone was honking. you dont see something like that everyday...
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